ABC, Adoption & Me by Gayle Swift is one of my favorite kids book about adoption. It is written with “true” language and deals with some of the complex feelings related to adoption in an age-appropriate way. This book can certainly be a starting point for future adoption conversations.

Tell Me a Real Adoption Story by the wonderful Betty Jean Lifton is great in it’s honesty. As Betty explains, “All children have a real life story that begins when they are born. Even before. You will help your child feel secure if you can tell your child the real facts about how he or she came into the world and became a part of your family.” I can’t add much to that! This is a definite “MUST” to add to your collection of adoption books. (Plus you can buy it for a penny!)

Rosie’s Family An Adoption Story by Lori Rosove is a cute story about a beagle adopted into a family of schnauzers. It embraces difference and also acknowledges how sometimes it’s difficult to feel different. Lori includes some important “notes for parents” at the end of the book that are very wise.

I also like Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis and A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza too.

I’ll be adding more kids books and would love to hear your recommendations too.


P.S. Although these are considered “children’s books” I’ve had many adult adoptees find them quite meaningful. They’ve shared the wish that someone would have read books like these to them when they were growing up. It’s never too late to tend to that “kid” inside!