Today is a good day to start a Lifebook for your child. It’s ok if they’re 5 months, 5 years or much older. A Lifebook is an important gift you can give to your son or daughter. Lifebooks help connect a child to his or her history and beginning. They create foundations that promote attachment. Lifebooks are a bit different from baby books and scrap books because they include information about your child’s life from the very beginning – a concrete record for your adopted child.

Lifebooks may include a collection of photos of biological relatives, foster families, stories, memories, artwork and other special moments. Parents, you can start the book if your child is too young to help but quickly include them in the creation. A two or three year old can help you pick out marker colors and photos. The project itself is a way to connect and will undoubtedly lead to other conversations. Create your child’s Lifebook through their eyes. They’ll thank you!

You can google Lifebooks and find great ideas. I like the simplicity of Beth O’Malley’s suggestions and templates. Beth is an adoptee, adoptive parent and her approach to Lifebooks is very do-able. Here is a link to her site.

Have fun with this project. Let me know how it goes!