I am excited to announce that I am now offering coaching and consultation specifically for Adoptive Parents who have questions and concerns related to parenting adopted children. I get many calls and emails from parents with questions, worries and needing resources for their family. Parents want to know how to talk about adoption, how to deal with tricky situations and how to best soothe and support their children as they navigate issues related to being adopted.

To meet this need for guidance, education and support, I’ve expanded my services to offer Adoptive Parent Coaching.

Meetings are offered in person, by phone or virtually (using a secure video site) for convenience and for those who aren’t local. Conversations take place in real time, when parents need the answers and information most. Generally I can schedule a meeting within a few days and often sooner.

Feel free to share this information to those who might be interested and please, contact me to hear how we can work together.